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Zsu Zsu event at Burning Man 2009

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Zsu Zsu Burn Event Saturday 8/30
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The Burning Man Project takes place in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada from late August through Labor Day.  Click here for more.




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Mary Tyler Zsu Zsu:




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Thanks for keeping the greedy fingers of Black Rock City's worst drama queen off the credit cards of the artist and crew.  We're grateful to you for helping make Zsu Zsu manifest in Black Rock City, 2008, and we hope to see next year with a brand new art installation.

-Mister Jellyfish

Zsu Zsu

The Crybaby Drama Queen

A Photo Montage:




Who Is Zsu Zsu?


Painting by Killbuck

  Her former lover dragged her to Burning Man.  In an attempt to make her happy, he built her a custom heart-shaped trailer, complete with tanks of French air.  She refuses to come out but demands your attention and gifts.


Why Does She Hate Us?
  At this art installation, Zsu Zsu blames you for her discomfort and inconvenience.  She also hates heat, dust, loud music, art and “Heepies”.  She has but one love...

Sketch by Killbuck

Her Pet Ferret, "Feelth"

 Feelth was snuck into Burning Man in one of Zsu Zsu’s beret boxes.  By day he kisses up to her perfectly pointed nose, then he sneaks out at night to reveal his true animal nature.  Hiding his swag and hotties, Feelth endures his hangovers and denies Zsu Zsu’s accusations that he is becoming a Burning Man enthusiast.

The Spiteful Tower
Zsu Zsu is feeling...



  Zsu Zsu's Spiteful Tower is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, erected in front of her trailer and festooned with red lights-- a bar graph "mood meter" to indicate her current state of angst.

  Participants are invited to push buttons that communicate different messages to Zsu Zsu through her intercom in an attempt to influence her feelings.

  When Zsu Zsu's mood reaches its peak, the door opens and her robotized mannequin body leans out.  Zsu Zsu looks left.  Zsu Zsu looks right.  Zsu Zsu spits and slams the door in your face.

A Peak Inside

    From time to time and cued through participant interaction, Zsu Zsu will pull the chain on her Tiffany lamp, allowing her silhouette to appear through the trailer window.  Using video projection, pre-recorded acting and puppetry, her rants, tantrums, and complaints will be acted out along with her break-ups and make-ups with Feelth.

Burn Her Out

On playa Satuday, an eviction notice will be placed on Zsu Zsu’s pretty pink trailer.  “Come out by dark tonight or we’ll burn you out”.  Would we dare?  Must she join our community?  Do we even want her to?  Find out the thrilling conclusion at Burning Man 2008!


Zsu Zsu says: "Geeft Me!"

  Art like The Zsu Zsu Project requires a bundle of Francs and Euros to pull it off in a way that delights peeps like yourself. Please click on the Paypal donation link below and make a contribution of any size.  Together, we'll make history at Burning Man 2008 with the worst drama queen ever!



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